#1,114 2012.

In 13 minutes it will be 2013, and I am sitting at my computer, at home, in my pajamas. Ben, still recovering, is asleep already and earlier tonight we watched American Graffiti. Then I flossed my teeth.  This is the first year in many years we’ve not been on a New Year’s Eve trip with the youth, so we’re not sure what to do. I went to get dog food earlier at Walmart and ran into a lady from the neighborhood. She said, “girl, you’re too young to be in Walmart on New Year’s Eve! You need to be having fun!” But tonight, this is the only thing that makes sense. And that’s okay. To me, there are so many blessings in our normal routine that it’s not a big deal that this is like any other night. Does that make sense?

This is one of my favorite posts every year, the run down of the best things that happened this year. Here’s how it went:

We renovated our new house.
We rescued Baker, our fat and fluffy great pyrenees.
We actually loved working in the yard of our very own house.
We had fun at the chili cookoff for Laurel Main Street.
We spent our last night at the loft.
We spent our first night at the new house.
We hosted Ben’s family then my family for Easter.
After growing my hair out for 2 years, I finally cut it short again.
The dogs did cute stuff, we took a lot of pictures of it.
I spent some time on the porch with my grandmother.
I got to speak at Ole Miss again.
Our big group of seniors graduated from high school.
Mallorie had to stay behind at the last minute, but we took Jim on our favorite old Florida road trip.
Ole Lucky Bug won a trophy at Cruisin’ Main Street.
Lake Junaluska was beautiful, as usual.
We spent a perfect summer day.
I saw the best movie ever made, maybe.
My handyman redid the stairwell and fixed up my laundry room.
Jesse started college.
I turned 27 years old during a hurricane.
We hosted supper club at our house.
We went to a fun labor day party at the Staples’.
Daddy turned 59.
We drove to New England, via North Carolina. 
We discovered Duck Dynasty
Then Ben became Duck Dynasty for Halloween.
Then announced he would run for Ward 5 city councilman.
A magazine sent a photographer to our house for a feature.
Our anniversary landed on Thanksgiving.
So the next day we spent it doing nothing but being together.
Downtown was Christmas central the first weekend of December.
We went on a date for Love Week anniversary.
Mama and I had a girls’ night and watched The Holiday.
We added to our classic vehicle collection and purchased Clint.
We spent Christmas Eve with the Rasberrys, then Christmas Day with the Napiers.

I can’t imagine that 2013 will bring all the goodness that 2012 did, but God keeps surprising us year after year. Tonight I’ll say a prayer that our friends and family will all have a healthy and happy year ahead. Good night, y’all!