#1,117 Pantry.

Today was possibly the hardest workday of my life. It was 4:30 before I realized I’d forgotten lunch. It felt like I just couldn’t catch up, but it was really rewarding when I finally stepped away from the computer at 6:00 tonight with a cleaned up inbox and very tired eyes. Mama made a huge supper and just as I was walking out of the office, her name lit up my phone with a text, “Got a big pot of spaghetti! You want to come eat?” I’ve never wanted mama’s spaghetti more in my life.

Ben is finally feeling good but he’s wary of going around people much yet. I apparently have an incredible immune system (knocking on wood!) and somehow avoided the plague. This afternoon while I was at work, he tinkered around and finished the new pantry shelving he started before he got sick and I was SO impressed when I got home!

He’s made special cubbies just for the garbage can, 2-liters and my Febreze Noticeables refills (I hoard them, I’m embarrassed to tell you), a cabinet for bug spray and small tools we often need around the house, and a section just for paint cans on the top shelf, then things like plastic cups and plates, Swiffer refills and dinner napkins will have a home too. He even remembered hooks for the brooms, mops and dusters!

Tomorrow a painter is coming to finish them up because it would be worth it to us not to have to spend our weekend painting shelves. If you’ve ever had to do it, you understand what I mean.

I also made a quick run to Walmart tonight for Christmas storage bins and look what I spotted:

Lucky Luxe is featured this month in all 3 of these magazines. It makes you feel like the world is very small when this happens.

And last item of the day—Ben went to the thrift store to find a jacket he can get dog slobber, engine grease and sawdust on and found this cool field jacket for $5. It’s a size medium, and from the tag appears to be military issue from the 1960s. Why in the world would they make a medium jacket that fits a 6’6″ 270 lb. man? I’m glad they did cause we just pulled a fast one on J.Crew.