#1,139 Late Night Business Plan.

Mama and I had a long discussion tonight about the future of Lucky Luxe. The ways things are going I can’t keep up with designing the orders that are coming in and that’s not a sustainable business plan. But I made a phone call to someone that’s been on my mind lately who might have the solution. And they did. And I’m really really excited about the changes coming up!

For now, rather than bore y’all with something that is surely only exciting to me, I’m going to bed early. It was another gorgeous day and I will post some photos of it here for my sweet readers and friends who are visiting this blog from icy, wintery corners of the world.

Mississippi’s first art museum, 2 doors down from our house:

Baker’s downtown pool:

Our street:

The fat butts:

Breakfast on the porch bed:

Just know that it is perfect here now but spring will come to you at some point and by then we will be enduring suffocating, smothering hellish heat. With an ice cold Coke, hopefully.

Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!