#1,164 Crane & Co.

We print all our letterpress invitations on Crane Lettra. Crane Lettra is made by Crane & Co. Crane & Co. is the authority on luxury stationery since 1770. And they gave our feature on Oh So Beautiful Paper a shoutout today on their facebook page. And that was hands down the best thing that happened all day.

Well, with the exception of two things.

For dinner I had a hot turkey sandwich from Pasquale’s for the first time ever. I’ve been ordering their pizza and calzones my whole life and now I feel like an idiot. That was the single greatest thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. You’re thinking, “it’s a sandwich… get over it.” But you’re wrong about that. It’s a 6-inch Pasquale’s garlic bread bun toasted on a griddle with smoked turkey, mayo and lettuce. That crunchy/chewy grilled and buttered bread could cure cancer. Or cause it. Not sure.

And then we watched Seeking A Friend for the End of the World which looked oddball funny in the previews but ended up being very very sweet and touching. Afterward, while I was still teary eyed, (tender hearted) Ben came over to my couch to ask me what I love most in the world. I told him, “you.” He said, “you don’t love me more than cheese.” But readers—I really do.

And he told me he loves me more than Duke basketball, steak, trucks and Chevy.

And that’s just about the best thing I ever heard.