#1,165 Rotten to Good.

The day started sort of rotten, with a package we shipped to a client in Spain that’s been missing for days. I’ve been so anxious about it, feeling terrible for worrying the bride and her mother.

Then I got a phone call from FedEx saying “We found it! It’s in Madrid waiting for pickup!” And suddenly, the day became rose colored.

But then I checked the mail and found our dear ole buddy ole pal Mickey sent in the card to help with Ben’s campaign. Besides a (very) generous donation, they also marked:

It made me cry a little because I can’t believe how loving and generous our friends are. They’re not even family, and they’re constantly helping us even when we don’t ask for it. At this point we could never repay them for all the good deeds they’ve done for us.

And Ben and Jesse moved a gargantuan new cabinet of cubbies up the many many stairs to the studio today so I can finally organize all the Lucky Luxe samples that are taking over my life!

This beauty was just sitting all forlorn in Josh and Emily’s basement for the last 50 years and he said we could have it for basically nothing and an I.O.U. to help him move furniture someday. These are the days I’m very thankful for a large breed husband.