#1,203 12 + The Car Ride.

The morning started with a trip to Flowertyme to see Mr. Randy and get some fresh hyrdangeas for tomorrow. I’m such a sucker for them. I hope the ones we’re planting will take!

Then we made the short drive to Newton for Easter and our nephew Jared’s 12th birthday party with Ben’s family. There was gift opening and good food and funny stories. And there was lots of fun with my nieces!

I painted Ellie Claire’s fingernails for Easter, and she tried so hard to wait long enough for them to dry but in less than 3 minutes she forgot and was having fun with Harper. I wonder where that nail polish will show up.

On the drive home, we listened to Counting Crows. And anytime we make a rural drive at night we remember those years at Ole Miss making the drive from Oxford to Booneville to Ben’s job at a church there. Then, we held hands and talked and sang old songs that made us feel good and happy to be alive and together for the 2 hour trip. And it’s our favorite time spent together still. My favorites tonight were A Long December and Goodnight Elisabeth, which both give me chills and make me feel just a little bit like I could cry. In a good way, of course.