#1,248 Flowers + 6th Grade.

When I walked up the stairs to my studio this morning, I was totally surprised to find a bouquet of lilies and roses waiting on the top step. There was a note tucked inside. I didn’t think it would be from Ben since he likes to give hydrangeas and I couldn’t imagine that it would be from anyone else. I read the card and found that Ellen, one of our darling brides (incidentally a runner in the Boston marathon who wrote this very moving article for the Huff Post), was the surprise flower sender. I swear I could’ve cried.

And she used a local florist which makes me love her even more. I can’t believe my job sometimes.

And tonight we went to the 6th grade graduation of our 3 awesome incoming youth group students. I’m so excited that they’ll finally be part of the group. And in MY Wednesday class, best of all!

I felt so VIP because we got to sit on Mickey’s reserved family row during graduation. Awwww yeah!