#1,260 Kids Around Here.

The best thing about today involved the kids around here. On any given day from May through August, you will find some kids with a lemonade stand on 6th Avenue. Today was no exception. I bought one cup of lemonade (with Sonic ice!) for 50 cents from two darling girls as I talked to their watchful mama who was on the porch about the election. Everybody’s been so supportive and kind. It makes the world feel like a good and friendly place.

Then it was a brick oven pizza party at the Bailey house, where we continued writing the youth Lord’s Prayer. We’ve got some really good ones. Mary Brett, one of our new 7th graders, is going away to summer camp for the entire month of June and she gave me a big hug before she left to tell me she’ll see me in July. My heart could burst!