#1,259 Country Holiday.

We spent the morning and afternoon campaigning, but we had a get together at my parents’ to look forward to in the evening. I don’t know what’s going on with the weather, but it felt like a New England summer day—even though this is the official weekend that kicks off summer. There was no humidity, a breeze that felt like the AC kicking on, and the sun never stopped shining. I just wish you all could’ve been here for it!

Breakfast on the porch was cool enough to require…. a SWEATSHIRT, y’all. 
Then we hit the trail where we knocked on the only few doors left on 6th Avenue that we hadn’t met yet.

We met a fabulous lady who was probably in her late 70s that was a travel writer for magazines and wrote this book about the famed Galatoire’s bistro in New Orleans. Her house effortlessly manages the look that Anthropologie is straining to achieve, and that this book was written as an homage to. She had very cheerful, ecclectic artwork clustered all together on the most chic royal/navy walls. There was a thoroughly classical portrait of a very stern woman surveying our visit above the fireplace, beside a bouquet of dried wildflowers and a Japanese textile draped as a piece of art on the opposite wall. I wish I could explain to you how the coolness flowed from this fabulous woman and her home! How I’ve never met her before is beyond me. She already voted for Ben absentee and sent us home with armfuls of books about art, architecture and Mississippi history. She wouldn’t accept a dime for her donation. I’m so excited to pore over them!

By late afternoon it was finally time to party at mama’s. Their oldest friends, the Jordans and Keyes, were there. We took poles down to the lake and fished for our fresh supper. Ben hasn’t fished since he was a kid, and my daddy who is an avid fisherman, was thrilled to see this come to fruition.

And then I took the greatest photo of my life. Aunt Cheryl caught a big bass. She was skipping toward me excitedly so I could get a photo. She held it out just perfectly for the picture, and the moment I hit the button Hooper came flying through the air in an attempt to steal the fish. Happiest accident ever.

This is my mama. She is beautiful. She wears diamond earrings and gets a manicure every week. She is realtor of the year, and is an award winning writer. She also is very good at deftly ripping fish hooks from the mouths of brim using pliars without flinching. This is why my daddy loves her so much.

The Gholsons showed up before long and Mr. Bob caught 2 huge catfish, which Ben attempted to claim in photos. We listened to motown while the men fried fish and shrimp. This was the most fantastic Saturday night I can remember in a long time.