#1,258 Summertime.

It was the most gorgeous early summer day. My friend and neighbor at the loft, Dawn, is a teacher and it’s been killing me to see her walking around downtown with her sweet kids, free and easy with no work to rush back to. Summertime! It’s the only thing I really miss from being a kid. I can’t imagine clocking out for 2 whole months now and days like today make we want to so badly.

I decided to be very bad and have a Totino’s party pizza for lunch—a summertime favorite in high school when I would spend lazy days poolside and riding in Jeeps.

I didn’t leave work until 4:00, but as soon as I got away I went home and put on a swimsuit and headed over to Annalee’s who insists that I use her pool without asking whenever the mood strikes. And so, I did. I waded in, cooled off, turned on my Ben Folds Pandora station, read last month’s Southern Living and worked on the volunteer list for election day.

Ben spent the day finalizing our Lake Junaluska youth trip coming up in a few weeks and dropped in for a 5 minute swim after I’d been there alone for a long while.

I’ve got to brag on him for a minute… He’s been working out really hard with my brother as his personal trainer and stopped eating sugar, bread or starch. I’ve never seen him looking so lean and fit! I have zero self control. I couldn’t do it.

He picked me up and we rushed off to Hattiesburg because he was a guest on The Southern Voice, a local talk radio show that’s just an hour of ‘man talk.’ Have you ever sat in on a live radio show? It’s incredibly nerve wracking!

Well he didn’t find it to be that, but I was antsy the whole time. I have no idea why!