#1,257 Bekah.

Because of this blog, I get to talk to a lot of really wonderful people. Y’all leave comments for me that I find like a surprise most mornings and I feel like if we ran into each other on the street, we’d hug and laugh and hit it off in real life just the same as we have here. And once in a blue moon, that actually happens!

Y’all might remember Ben’s guest post that was apparently quite popular with some of you about shopping? That same day, I met Bekah, a blog reader and mutual friend of Annalee’s.

We hit it off right away over discussion of foodborne illness in a farmer’s market workshop. Great start to our friendship, right? We started emailing after that and planned a get together for today since she was going to be passing through on her way north from New Orleans. Yay, friends! We had lunch at La Fleur, dropped by the Antique Mall, and I gave her a quick driving tour of our town before we grabbed a Coke at my house and put her on her way to her late afternoon appointment in Jackson. I swear it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time, and I know if she lived close by we’d hang out all the time. Bekah, if you’re reading today, please don’t be a stranger. You’re welcome at our house anytime!

And we had so much fun that I forgot to take a single picture. I feel like a moron.

In other news, I went to my parents and finally washed off the coat of pollen and grime that’s been plastered to my car all year. I also gussied her up with some shameless marketing.

Let’s hope they stick through June 4 with all that Bondo in the doors.

Also, this is my mama. She had just gotten back from a planning meeting for her 40th high school reunion. I pray I get her genes.

Princess Diana?