#1,268 Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the election. Finally! It feels like this post happened yesterday, and it also seems like a million years ago. Our backs are aching, our shoes are worn out, and we’ve driven the neighborhood completely insane with reminders. I think we’ve done all that we can possibly do. 

I’ve been praying a lot lately. I haven’t been praying for Ben to win. I don’t think that’s the point. I think that the winning or losing doesn’t matter really, but the work and focus we put into it, listening for the quiet signs God sent every day along the way. Every single day, he’s been clearing the way and opening doors. Nothing negative has happened, and every task was taken care of that we felt we needed to do. Every single day there’s been a new little message from Him that tugs at our hearts: Talk to this person—they might need someone to talk to, go to this neighborhood you’ve never been in before even if it makes you uncomfortable, call that older woman who lost her husband, get to know her, offer her help if she ever needs it. We learned a lot about how there are people in the world who are not good, that there are people who are very good, that there are people who are different from us and who want different things for this city than we do, and we’ve learned something new every day about our city because of it. We’ve made new friends every single day.
I’m very tired, y’all. I want so badly to sleep tonight but I’m not sure sleep will come. Tomorrow will be the end of the race, and I really believe that no matter if Ben wins or loses, it’s all perfectly okay. This might be the beginning of something new in our life, or it might be the end of something fantastic that we learned, and it might be a blip in the radar of our lives. Right now, it feels like it’s filling up the room. We did absolutely everything we could with full hearts. He’s not a politician, and he didn’t run a politician’s campaign. I’m very proud to be his wife. If you’re a believer, we’d appreciate a prayer for endurance and peace tomorrow. Lord knows we’ll need it!