#1,269 Election.

So I’ll cut right to it.

We lost the race.

It’s sad, and we’re reeling at the moment, but it’s okay. I’m also more tired than I’ve ever been in my life.

But the good news here is this—the campaign taught us how to work harder than we’ve ever worked before. When you have your jobs, then you add this into the mix with your normal responsibilities, it pushes and stretches you into a person you never imagined you could be. You learn to accomplish more in a day than you ever thought was possible and how to listen to people instead of talking. I know good things will come from it.

And now, just to be a sore sport and so you can all sympathize with my shock and we can all get a chuckle, this was an interview in the newspaper last week between Ben and his opponent, the 20 year incumbent. 20 years. Let that sink in. This might be what breaks my heart the most.

Tomorrow the sun will come up, and we’ll eat breakfast and I’ll walk my dogs and life will be normal again. And honestly… I really like normal.