#1,290 Sara.

This morning I found a sweet email in my inbox from Sara. She reads this blog every day and is making a trip to Mississippi to do some antiques shopping around Laurel and Jackson and this just completely makes my week. She told me that she finds inspiration for her own life here in my daily rambling. When people tell me things like that, I have a hard time believing it and then I feel like maybe that’s God’s purpose for me at this point in my life. To share my life with y’all, however boring or mundane it might be. Right now, I’m propped up on my keyboard barely awake and it’s hard to write something inspired when you feel like this. I sometimes worry when there are lots of boring posts in a row, maybe because all I did was work that day or hang out with Ben, or maybe because something rotten happened and I won’t let myself write about those things here, that y’all will grow bored with me. I’m glad you’re around still on those days.

You’re friends that I imagine somewhere out there, reading from your phone while you wait in the drive-thru line, or during your lunch break, or at your breakfast table. I imagine that you’re all tenderhearted people who worry about things and have problems, but I imagine that you’re the kind of people who don’t want to linger on those things either. I imagine that you pray a lot (I hope you do—it’s good for you), that you have dogs that slobber and shed too much, that you are unimpressed by status and money, that you live in old houses that were there long before you were, that you like rainy days and apple pie. I guess I imagine that there are people out there that are just like me, and that maybe you see yourself in what I write here somedays and that’s why you come back even when my life is boring. And that’s a comforting feeling.

I’m really glad you’re coming to visit, Sara. I wish I could have a Coke with every one of you that finds this tiny corner of the internet.

I brought my Mexican blouse out of retirement. It felt right. So I cooked pollo manchego for supper. First meal on the new stove!