#1,298 River Rats + 3rd of July.

Well we went kayaking today with Josh and Emily. I think it’s important to note that I had exactly no arm strength before this adventure. And now I’m nearly crippled. But I did get an excellent tan!

And we rushed back home as soon as our paddles were on the sandbar to get ready for the annual firework show and cookout at church. It’s a pot luck party and smells like hot dogs grilling, and there’s old timey patriotic music, people wearing those little straw hats with the red, white and blue bands, little flags and fans in the stars and stripes on every table. Small town fun at its very best all in anticipation of the city’s fireworks shows that starts at 9:00.
Miss Bake Shop had to go and make all the other cakes feel bad about themselves.

 Yes, we had removable tattoos of George Washington.

 The Jubilee Singers are the cutest thing EVER.

 Some of the youth singing Wagon Wheel, the church camp drive anthem.

 Ben twisted my arm and made me sing.

Later on, storm clouds started rolling in.

And in a frenzy, everyone at the party, parishioners, neighbors, kids, old folks, started grabbing chairs and tables and food to rush them inside, hollering “Y’all get those lanterns before they blow away! Where are the BOYS?! Someone’s got to bring the stage in!”

And some of us stuck around in the atrium talking about pasta salad and movies, and before we knew it the rain had stopped. The youth brought out their guitars and were singing the hipster folk songs that are so popular right now. They make me so proud I could bust.

And then… The fireworks!

We all stuck around in the park even though we could barely stay upright anymore. It’s just so good to live in the South in the summertime when you’ve had fresh Smith County watermelon and a charred hot dog and the cool front came through that made the air feel crisp, and no one is ready to go home quite yet. We can’t ever get these days back, you know? So why go to bed?

Until next year, 3rd of July.