#1,354 The Last Day of 27.

What happened today? I was 27 years old for the last time ever. I put on my favorite old raggedy Ole Miss t-shirt, a gift from Annalee thanks to an old college boyfriend:

I figured out how to exactly replicate the famous Tabella house dressing and I don’t know if I can bear to share the recipe, even though it’s basically (kind of) out there on the internet if you just search around a little:

And my family threw an early football birthday party for me at mama and daddy’s, complete with Papa John’s pizza (thin crust, onions, extra sauce), the aforementioned salad, and rice krispy treats in lieu of birthday cake since that’s my favorite.

I got a book from Aunt Phyllis, a 1980s Ole Miss water bottle from Ben, and a Michael Kors clutch from mama. Lots of sweet goodies!

Even Lucy came, but I didn’t get a picture because her crew was watching inside. She stayed out till 10 pm before her deadbeat parents finally took her home. She was milk drunk the whole time. It was wild.

At this writing, we’re trailing Vandy. Fingers crossed, we can still win!