#1,364 Puppadaws.

I had a good time getting out and about with Chevy and Baker this evening. Since it’s getting closer to fall it seems like they’ve got a little more energy. Fat went for a swim in the fountain at Pinehurst Park while Little pawed at my knees so I’d keep my hand on his head while we waited. Then we went to the church where they got some leis and played games with the youth.

Not a bad way to spend a dog day.

You see what I did there?

Also, this morning’s sermon affected me more than most. I walked in late, not even really feeling like being there quite honestly, and I know that’s not what a youth minster’s wife should say. I promise you—your church leaders have felt that way before, too. When you work for a church (or your spouse does), it can sometimes feel like going to work instead of going to worship like the regular Joe in the pew.  I’m always glad I went on days like that, after the fact, and today was a perfect example. Our preacher said, “Faith brings us to our highest self. The person we were meant to be.” 

Let that simmer.