#1,371 Burnin.

Another update on the fitness front for the masses who are waiting with bated breath to see how my dabbling in health is going.

Because of the My Fitness Pal app I’ve been losing about a pound a week, eating my normal (if smaller) diet of toaster strudels, real Cokes, pizza, burgers, Italian, salads, DQ dipped cones, my beloved raisin bran, and dry salted peanuts. I find that insane. No ‘diet’ food. I enjoy food too much, so I don’t like to waste an opportunity to eat something delicious.
Granted, I’m not eating the fries with the burger, and 2 slices of pizza instead of 3, but I’m basically eating whatever I feel like in smaller quantities and walking the dogs in the morning then jogging 1-2 miles on the track at night with Ben. I will likely never run any kind of race because I’m not at all interested in improving my time, looking like Jillian Michaels or anything like that—I’m mostly concerned with just meeting the magic caloric deficit and staying in the black. I make it a game with myself… Yes, I can have a lemonberry slush from Sonic. I can pay for it with 4 laps on the track and it’s like it never happened. Put like that, it’s an easy way to diet. Today I surprised myself and exercised 3 different times and ended up burning 350 calories. That’s a big milestone for me, the fitness black sheep of my family. What this means is I thought the Little Ceasar’s at church tonight looked pretty good and I had to pay for it. Which is fine.
You can bet there won’t ever be any 26.2 stickers on our vehicles, but I can feel good when I walk out into the world every morning. That’s plenty good enough for me.