#1,372 Mama’s Fried Rice.

Mama has started making this wonderfully simple and delicious fried rice that I thought y’all might like, so tonight I took pictures as she made it so I can document how to do it and you can try it, too! It’s not at all complicated and you’ve maybe been doing this forever and I’m just late to the homemade fried rice party—but I like hers even better than our local chinese takeout.

So here you go.

Boil your white rice following the directions, however much you want.

On medium-high, heat up enough olive oil in a skillet to just cover the bottom.

She’s pretty health concious so you might like it a little greasier. Use your judgement!

Once it’s good and hot, add the rice and start shuffling it around without stopping. Should make a nice sizzling sound.

Add as much green onion as you’d like. The more the better! Keep shuffling it all around. You don’t want anything to scorch.

Then when the rice is starting to brown in spots, crack 2 eggs into it and keep scrambling it all together:

Then when all the rice is turning golden, splash some Kikkoman soy sauce on it to make it salty (doesn’t need a ton), keep shuffling and scrambling it all together until it’s nice and caramel-colored. Here’s the finished product:

And there you have it. It goes really well with sauteed garlic zucchini and squash:

Also, tonight I ordered this beautiful homestyle Italian cookbook on Amazon. Can’t wait to see what’s in there! Tomorrow night I think I’m gonna make Pioneer Woman’s spaghetti and meatballs again. They’re the best I’ve ever had, for sure.