#1,377 30 Party.

My favorite men in the world are having milestone birthdays this year with daddy turning 60 last week and on Tuesday Ben will meet him halfway at 30.

He was 21 when we met. How can that be?

Josh and Emily wanted to have a few folks over to their loft tonight to celebrate and it was so very good to be surrounded by a few of the people who know Ben best of all. I’m just so sad Sam and Tom couldn’t be here!


And for his birthday present, Julie made a cake of Ben’s 1962 Chevy truck. As you can imagine, he was tickled to death by this.
Lucy clearly adores her Uncle Big.
I never would’ve guessed that Ben’s Ole Miss roommate would settle down across the street, or that mine would marry my cousin and be my neighbor for life. Isn’t it wonderful the way life surprises you in that way? 

Somehow it feels like Josh was never his roomie, but a relative all along, and the same for Mallorie. I can’t remember not knowing them well. Now these are 2 sets of friends whose houses we would feel at home walking into any time of the day or night, whose refrigerators and (in my case) closets we can dig through, the friends who will be the first to know about any major life events that happen from here on.

Oh happy happy early birthday, Ben. I can’t imagine what life would look like without you in it.