#1,378 The Loveliest Sunday.

It nearly killed me to get up and go to the early service this morning. I seriously lay in my cozy, comfortable bed with the curtains drawn, thinking of how it’s the first chilly morning of this season, and how all I wanted was to sleep a little longer. But then I thought of how nice it would be to have breakfast on the porch. And how much better it would feel to learn something new at church than to sleep a little while. And I got on up and felt so much better for it. It was a fantastic fall day started by a fantastic fall morning!

After breakfast, we walked to church.

The leaves are everywhere. The crunch underfoot is the best sound, isn’t it?

Afterward we had a birthday lunch with Ben’s parents and Jesse at their house in Newton, where it was even more fallish and beautiful. I honestly believe a one hour drive north makes a huge difference in temperature. Positive.

Then we walked the dogs over to the church for youth tonight—outdoors of course. Chevy was being adorable, acting like he was listening very attentively to Ben, then he would turn his head to whoever would respond to Ben’s questions, with his feet crossed politely.

While Baker ate chips like a fat kid:

Then butted in and begged for attention: