#1,396 Preston Thomas + Otis Redding.

Ben and I have a brand new nephew!

Tom (Ben’s brother) and Allison’s baby boy, Preston Thomas, was born tonight and while we couldn’t close down the pumpkin patch to make the 4 hour trip to meet him—I did get to see a picture of my beautiful sister-in-law holding a very upset boy with a head full of hair:

I mean doesn’t she look gorgeous? We take our beauty routines very seriously in the south.

Also, Ben and I finished the last episode of The Sopranos a few weeks ago and then my parents started watching them from the beginning. Tonight was one of my favorites of the whole series and I think it’s 90% because of this beautiful Otis Redding song, My Lover’s Prayer, that plays at several different points in the episode. It’s definitely one of the sweeter episodes of the series regarding marriage and love and loss. The song won’t get out of my head and I found it on YouTube along with scenes from the show that makes me feel a little choked up. Did you ever watch The Sopranos? It’s hard to get over once you’ve seen them all. Even for all its violence and language and vulgarity, the good sticks with you.