#1,412 Halloweeny Time.

Today felt super Halloweeny, being the Saturday before. Once Halloween comes, we step onto a train that moves faster than we can keep up with that’s bound for Christmas. Doesn’t it feel like time speeds up so much from this point on? I did all I could to soak up the fall that is individually Halloween before it becomes Thanksgiving and Advent and Christmas. After a long walk with the dogs, I spent most of the evening working in the pumpkin patch with Ben while he read stories to the kids who were there for downtown trunk or treat. It got cold so fast as the sun started setting and I’m glad for his field coat that was in the car.

Later, we lit the fire and watched Ole Miss football and then a scary movie (that wasn’t scary at all) with Josh, Em, Jim, Mal and Lucy and ate Domino’s. It’s so good to lay beside a fire in sock feet, isn’t it?

And a little light bedtime reading:

Goodnight, sweet readers. Hope you’re having a cozy weekend, too.