#1,413 Trunk or Treat.

Well tonight was trunk or treat at the church. We threw our costumes together at the last minute with stuff we already had, but I think it went pretty good.

A hippie and a Vietnam vet, but exactly no children knew what that meant so we just told them, “people from the 60s” and they stared blankly and asked Ben, “Are you Willie?” and held out their candy bags.

So. At least a couple of the senior high kids knew what Vietnam was. Or, they knew who Lieutenant Dan was anyway. What the heck are they learning in school these days? I walked to school through cornfields in the snow with my books in a chittlin bucket when I was their age. They need to learn somethin’ about the world and quit playing Candy Crush on their ‘machines,’ as daddy calls them.

Mickey and Misty Minnie were there.

And oddly, we accidentally coordinated with the Nortons again. They were WWII, we were Nam. What are the odds?