#1,422 Food Club.

Alternately titled, Food Fest 2013 & November supper club. Food Fest is one of those great holiday events around this house. Today we brought home frozen rotel chicken, squash casserole, sweet potato casserole with praline topping, and cornbread dressing—all lovingly cooked from scratch by the women of our church. I just wish you could taste it all.

It’s a good thing I had this nice lunchtime interlude with a bowl of hot vegetable beef stew because today was a real back breaker. After 20 revision rounds, the Martha Stewart Weddings custom design made it to final approval today and I got it rushed to print at 6:50 pm, then ran out the door to supper club that started at 7. Thank goodness for Popeyes who make fine biscuits and red beans and rice.

And most of all, my big, comforting (totally cute) husband who gave me a hug when he picked me up from the shop way after the sun had gone down and said, “Breathe. You’re done today. You did good.”