#1,423 The Scale of Interest.

Ben, Jesse and I watched a wonderful little indie movie tonight called The Way Way Back. It’s a summertime movie but it had so much heart. And it was funny. You should watch it.

But afterward we started talking about how we base our interest in a movie on a scale of negative, neutral, positive and how the sum of its parts determines our aggregate interest level. Like for me, nothing beats Big Fish or James Gandolfini. If he is a top billed actor, I am going to watch it. Period. No matter the negatives associated (for instance, even if Denzel Washington is in it, I’m watching it).

I made a little info graphic for you that illustrates our individual interests. You don’t have to agree, because my own life experiences, interests, etc. formed my movie interest scale. Jesse, Ben and I all strongly disagree on Denzel, but we all agree on Twilight.

Special notes:

*If I could just add to neutral on each of our lists: Hugh Grant. Right?

*Jesse loves nothing more than a +10. He very much likes some things. He has no Hoosiers or Gandolfini. That’s a sad life. Pray for him.

*Jesse loves the movie Heavyweights. It accidentally did not make the scale. But it’s not higher than a +10. “I eat success for breakfast. With a side of skim milk.”

*Ben has a sick obsession with Christmas.

*Michael J. Fox?