#1,424 Blustery Day.

It was so cold and wonderful outside today. The windows in the loft are all very old, wooden, and uninsulated, and I could feel little bursts of cold when I would hear a big gust of wind. Oddly, that’s not a negative—it’s refreshing to me. I worked right through lunch and realized I was starving when Ben stopped by at 3. He hadn’t eaten either since he works out during lunch. We had some of his left over vegetable beef soup and Ross’s jambalaya from supper club in the fridge at home, so we bundled up and walked home together to eat. We stopped at the post office along the way to send out a sample bound for Idaho.

The century old ginkgo tree next door at the inn is putting on its gorgeous November gold.

We heated up our food and lingered over lunch.
Ben walked me back to work to help me get 3 orders ready for shipping. I got lucky today because they were all domestic orders which takes half the time and preparation that international customs forms require. We turned on the Rolling Stones and wrapped orders together. I think I said, “I just love you” probably too many times.
Also, the second dress came in today and was too big and sort of shapeless in person. Which is much better than being too small and riding up in weird places, right? Back to the drawing board. I’m thinking of ordering this inexpensive one. What do you think?