#1,426 Hotty Toddy.

Today we got to go to our one game a year! Somehow we get busier and busier and can’t seem to find the time to see more than one a year, but it was a good day for one and we beat Arkansas, and we saw lots of familiar faces in one of our favorite places on earth.

We woke up early to make the 1 hour drive to Oxford for the 11 am game and saw some super fall stuff before we even made it more than a couple miles down the road. The brahma bulls at Ben’s parents’ said good morning:

We got into some sprinkles, but I do love a dreary day as long as my hair stays dry.

And it stopped when we got to Oxford, so life is good.

We walked into the sea of oaks, tents, chandeliers, fried chicken and Chanel No. 5 just as the Pride of the South was starting their warm up. It will give you such emotional goosebumps to hear the slow, rising Hype Chorale that begins the pep rally, then the trumpets and drums ringing out Dixie and our fight songs while thousands of people chant: “We’re gonna beat the hell out of you! Hotty toddy gosh almighty who the hell are we? Hey! Flim flam! Bim bam! Ole Miss, by damn!” There’s nothing in the world that’s more American, and more specifically—Southern.

I mean just listen to this video I found on YouTube. It’ll give you chills, too.

We found Josh and Rebecca! So good to see my gorgeous friend.

Since they live in Memphis and we’re 5 hours south, we rarely get to see each other anymore. It’s so strange to me. We used to spend so much of our days together when we were basically roommates with Mallorie and Jennifer.

It looks like Jesse has made his college decision finally. He’s going to be a rebel next fall!