#1,430 Larry David + The Socks.

I loved Seinfeld growing up, and then naturally I loved Curb Your Enthusiasm when I got to college. Please tell me you do too? And tell me you completely understand why this photo of Larry David at a Knicks game I spotted circulating on the internet today made me laugh out loud for being “the most Larry David photo ever.”

My favorite episode of Curb was the time he went to his favorite deli, and they have these sandwiches named for famous people. He walks in and the deli owner tells him that he’s being honored with his own sandwich, The Larry David. He’s thrilled…………. And then it sounds disgusting. Ted Danson has a sandwich too so Larry contacts him about switching sandwiches. He agrees, then asks what’s in the sandwich in case someone asks. And they get in a cuss out over it because who wants to eat a sandwich with whitefish, sable, capers and onions? I died.


It was crazy cold out today, so I dug into the back of the drawer to pull out my favorite super thick and cushy socks I’ve had forever. They’re my most comfortable ones, but that’s not why they’re my favorite.

See those specks of red and green? That’s artificial turf permanently embedded into the fabric from a bootless midnight run on the Ole Miss football field the night Mallorie met Jim at my senior thesis art show in November 2007. We knew how to sneak into the stadium and it was one of mine and Ben’s favorite places to take people who came to Oxford to visit. We would run wild, throwing the football, sprinting to the end zones. I won’t ever forget that night. A million washes can’t remove it.