#1,437 Tribeca + Flatiron + Waverly Inn + 5th Ave.

Late morning, early lunch in Lower East Side at Katz’s Deli! 

You know Katz’s Deli:

And that’s the very table that was available when we walked in. Bingo! We’re 2 for 2!

Eddie is the man. Born and raised in South Carolina, moved to Brooklyn when he was 20, gives out free samples of the deli meats before you order.

Found a huge magazine store where we found us:

Fish’s Eddy in the Flatiron District to look at vintage reproduction dishes on the cheap:

Across the street to ABC Home where I found my very own vintage paper house ornament that’s almost exactly like mama’s—my favorite Christmas ornament since I was a toddler. Now I have one of my own!

Quick stop at Shake Shack so Beth and Kory could try a milkshake:

Then Ben and I wandered aimlessly through the epic (there’s not another word) Eataly, NYC’s current #1 tourist attraction by Mario Batali. It’s a clean, bright, enormous megastore of gourmet Italian EVERYTHING. My mind was so boggled I couldn’t even choose one thing to bring home. But these beautifully wrapped Italian fruitcakes were so tempting, if only for the packaging. I wish I’d brought home one for everybody!

We ran over to Tribeca to Josh and Anne’s to pick up a package then see the city lights from their rooftop deck. First we warmed up by the fire in their apartment building’s lobby. I wanted to lay down and stay there. It was cozy.

Liam was very taken by Kory. He’s such a sweet and good little boy!

Then we rushed to our dinner reservation at the Waverly Inn. The Waverly Inn that draws a small flock of paparazzi most nights to catch a photo of celebrities coming and going. It used to be so exclusive, you could only make a reservation if you knew someone who knew the phone number. We were seated in the greenhouse of the restaurant (in other words, Siberia, the place for us paupers) but felt like we were in another world. It was so warm beside a roaring fireplace and dimly lit sconces. We ate some of the most delicious food I’ve ever had. All hearty comfort foods (the best kind, right?) like chicken pot pie with a puff pastry crust, buttermilk biscuits, gnocchi in a mushroom wine sauce, rabbit ragout, and a burger with aged white cheddar and fries with truffle oil. Their most famous dish is the truffle mac and cheese—$160 for an entree. As curious as I was, I’m not royalty and our $30 dishes were plenty gracious for us. Photography isn’t allowed (presumably because of the high-profile clientele) but I was sneaky and snapped one quick one.

And found this one online. This is the main dining room where the fancy folks sit:

The exterior feels like a tiny New England inn.

Then to finish the day we hopped on the subway to Central Park South to see The Plaza Hotel, FAO Schwartz, Tiffany, Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman dressed up for Christmas. The window displays are magic. New York at Christmas is completely unforgettable. I miss it all year long.

Finally… Late night dessert at Serendipity iii. Frrrozen hot chocolate, warm pecan pie, strawberry cheesecake sundae. I barely could eat a bite I was still so full. I just had to be there again.

I’m not going to beat myself up over what we’ve been eating… Because my poor, poor feet have carried me at least 10 miles today. At LEAST. Good job, Beans!