#1,453 Weather Swing.

Woke up, and it was almost 80 degrees and sunny outside. I walked the dogs. In a t-shirt and running shorts. It looked like fall but felt like May. My neighbor raked yesterday… But you’d never know it. It was really really windy.

I went inside, I showered and got dressed for work in a short sleeve shirt, rain jacket, jeans and wellies because a stormy cold front would be coming through this afternoon. At 1:00 it started raining. At 3:00, I walked out of the office and it was 45 degrees.

So. The pneumonia will probably settle in while I’m sleeping.

We showed Elf at the theatre tonight, and Ben, who adamantly claims to hate popcorn, ate 2 bags of popcorn. He lies.

Until next year, Arabian!