#1,490 Portraits.

This afternoon Ben and I had new photos taken for Lucky Luxe since it’s been a couple years (and a major haircut). He’s always been co-owner, but in the last few months he’s been helping so much with the business side of things. The article for Mississippi Magazine is coming up in March, so they’ll be using some of the ones of me for that. I’m tickled to death that Brooke, who used to work with me at Lucky, has finally put her whole heart into her photography business. She’s so so talented, and I felt way less awkward than I would’ve with anyone else. She was the assistant photographer on our wedding day! I just feel clueless and doofy anytime a camera is present, but I bet you do too? Here are a couple of iPhone snapshots Ben and I took:

Me, not knowing what to do with my face or hands.

Ben, looking so handsome I actually can’t believe I share his last name and address.