#1,506 Snow Day.

It’s snowing! In Mississippi! This happens… Basically never. The last time was 2008 and Ben and I weren’t even married yet. The state declared it an emergency, schools and businesses ALL closed, doctor’s offices closed, it’s the end of the world around here. And everyone is as excited as if we were little children. I went to work to photograph some new designs and had a bird’s eye view of downtown while it was falling down.

Look at how lovely Laurel is in the snow!

Chevy and Baker have never seen snow and they couldn’t get enough of it. They were eating it, rolling in it, digging in it and jumping in it all day long. They’re gonna sleep good tonight.










The church was closed, Jim and Mal worked from home, Josh worked from home, so Ben made a big cast iron kettle of chili out on the porch over an open flame. Dinner at our house amounted to some gross stories about mayonnaise and Lucy trying her hardest to talk to us all with pig grunts.







My house is happiest on nights like these.