#1,505 The Best Little Lunch.

My friends Dawn and Lily have started a little bread bakery out of their kitchens and everyone in town is falling hard for their fresh focaccia, fig and pepper bread, and cinnamon rolls. I’ve been buying a pan of focaccia once a week for about a month now and I just crave it around the clock. It comes as raw bread dough in a little pan with a generous amount of olive oil in the bottom. You let it rise for a few hours, bake it, and then… Eat it like a crazy person. It’s flaky and buttery around the sides and top, then soft and fluffy in the middle. And all those herbs on top and the olive oil baked into the bottom… It’s heaven on earth. Is your mouth watering yet?

It’s so good I just toasted a couple pieces and dipped it into a few tablespoons of my homemade roasted tomato bisque for lunch today. That’s the best kind of lunch—one that leaves you satisfied and ready to get back to work.