#1,504 Eureka.

There have only been a few times in my professional life when I had a “eureka!” moment—that moment when you think of something that hasn’t been done before, that you know with total certainty it is going to work, that people are going to like it, and that made me feel like I am an artist. A real artist. In fact, it’s only happened 3 times before today. And today, I thought of the next step, the next thing for Lucky Luxe. I won’t breathe a word of specifics for fear of the idea, my baby, being snatched away from me before I can completely bring it to fruition. But the idea came when I stopped looking, just before an afternoon nap. I can thank that nap and my friend Sauce for helping it fully form in my mind’s eye.

I can’t wait to show you. In a couple weeks! I’ve blown it out of proportion probably, but I am truly happy tonight. I had a moment where I surprised myself today. Do you ever have those moments?

To celebrate, Mallorie and I made our favorite thing on earth and gorged—Rice Krispies treats, except this time with caramel marshmallows. Be still my heart.

I’ll sleep better tonight than I have in weeks. I know that it was a gift from God. He loves us. Oh, how he loves you and me.