#1,513 About Time.

After a really great supper club at Suellen’s, Ben and I came home in a pouring down rain. It’s been so warm today—more of that false spring, and we opened up the screen doors to hear it coming down.

And I remembered that today is February 4. And that means About Time is available to rent! I’ve been wanting to see it for a few months and since I saw the advertisements for today it’s felt like it took years to arrive. It’s by the creator of Love Actually, so you know it’s good. And I can’t even begin to explain how special this movie was. It’s about all the things that are most lovely in life—falling in love and family. And it’s about the wish to change things if you could just go back. I was deeply moved by it, and I really really want you to see it, too. It’ll make you love a little bit more. Promise.

We’ll be adding this one to our permanent collection immediately. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a kind, generous, burly, tenderhearted man whom I need to go give a big hug and remind how much I love him.

Got a haircut today. Whew!