#1,514 Slipcovers + Walker + Rose Gold.

A long time ago I blogged about the custom made slipcovers we ordered from Needle & Shears for my mama’s ginormous hand-me-down Norwalk sofa. I’ve been really happy with them but found that after a few washes they became harder and harder to put on, until a few weeks ago they finally ripped in a few spots. They told me to send them back and they would make them all roomier and repair the tears for free, and they finally came back. They were so easy to put on I did it by myself, so I’m beyond pleased. Y’all get in touch with Mark at N&S if you need any custom slipcovers because they really do care so much about every single customer. As a small business owner, that means a lot to me and I really appreciate it when I find other companies who care too.

Other things that made me smile today? These photos from my brother of my precious baby nephew, Walker:

And the news that we’re now offering rose gold foil at Lucky Luxe. Hooray for new stuff!