#1,550 Making it Count.

Since I only have a few days of feeling good before surgery and then recovery for a few weeks, I’m going to make an effort not to spend every day stuck in my office until 6. It was so extraordinarily gorgeous outside today, and I made some headway on preparing my taxes this morning and finished all my work, so at 2:00 I made a run for it.

The bradford pear trees on 7th Street are one of the reasons I fell in love with our house way back in junior high school. It’s the only street I know of in the city that’s completely lined in these fluffy white blooms. These trees and the dogwoods are how you know Easter is coming soon.

I grabbed the dogs and met Ben and the youth in the park by our house.

After an hour of ultimate frisbee and jogging with me, Baker had had enough.

And so we walked the block back home, past the art museum and the Japanese magnolia tree. And I fell so in love with Laurel, all over again.