#1,552 Mary Beth & Tyler.

We haven’t been to a wedding in a while, and I’ve been looking forward to tonight all week because a darling couple from our church and supper club were tying the knot tonight. Incidentally, her little brother is in Ben’s youth group, her mom worked at the church with Ben for a long time, and we bought our house from Mary Beth’s grandmother so we have a particularly soft spot for this sweet family. We got all fancy.

Her dress. Oh man. So gorgeous! And she and Tyler both got really emotional when they saw each other for the first time, which nearly got me. And Ben. He got really emotional at our own wedding, so now he feels this cosmic connection with Tyler forevermore, I think.

I spent a fair amount of time crushing on Ben and thinking of how I’d like to marry him. Then I felt really excited when I considered that I have the same last name as him. Oh, I love the way weddings make you think about your own marriage.

Maybe the funniest thing that happened is Mallorie was taking a photo of Ben and me when Mrs. Brooks from church was trying to slip past.

 And her necklace somehow latched onto my dress and we couldn’t get untangled.

Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell!

 March at night is colder than I was expecting. I had to steal.

Some of our youth kiddos:

A fun night indeed.