#1,558 Family Lunch.

Since we have real dining furniture on the porch now, and it’s officially spring now, and it was just so gorgeous outside when we woke up, I invited my parents and Clark to come over and have lunch with us. They all came, but Walker came too, and stole the show. I forgot to take pictures of anyone or anything else. He’s beginning to have so much personality!

Daddy had to eat and run back to work, but since Clark was off and mama didn’t have anything else to do, we just sat on the porch and hung out, giving Walker his bottle. The sunshine was so intoxicating at almost 80 degrees, Clark and I put big boy in his stroller, I grabbed the dogs and went for a long walk around the neighborhood. I didn’t make it back to work until 2:00, but it was so worth it. Days like this don’t happen too often.