#1,559 Taxes + Last Night Out.

We spent all morning and most of the afternoon stationed on the porch finishing up gathering and organizing our expenses to turn in to our new accountant. It was so tedious, but made much more pleasant by the combination of gorgeous weather, good food (toasted croissants and homemade jam), and good music.

I’ve always done our taxes, but it finally reached the point at which my art brain could no longer comprehend the complexity of our tax situation. You grow up and get all kinds of investments and real estate trusts and one day your home office isn’t your home, it’s just your office, because you bought a house and moved, but you work there too, so does that count? Do the Sunday school donuts count as an expense? Can we write off the half bath renovation? I don’t know. Too much. Way too much riding on it for me to be responsible for. For weeks I kept imagining Harold Crick auditing me, and it scared me so much we got professional help:

And we finished it all. Woo! Mark that.

All week we’ve been planning to have my last night out before the surgery with an Italian binge at Tabella with Jim, Mallorie, Scott and Rachel. Surgery is Wednesday, but I have to eat less and less from here out. I so needed this. We laughed until our faces hurt.

Mallorie and I even managed to sneak in a little shopping before dinner and I came home with 3 great new tops that were all on final clearance and she found some clothes for their upcoming trip to Europe. A great day, indeed.