#1,561 The Best Friends in the World.

I really believe that I have the best friends in the whole world. Truly. Leading up to this surgery, Ben, Mallorie, Jim, Josh, Emily and Hope have made me feel comforted and tough—like I can handle anything. They’ve prayed for me, and reminded me of it. And I know they really did, because I’ve got such a peace about it—I’d call it borderline excitement. I’m not afraid, because I believe completely that this is God’s plan and he’s surrounded me with people who are my safety net. This afternoon Hope came to see me at the shop since she won’t be able to make the trip to Jackson. Just to give me a hug before we go. It doesn’t matter how little we see each other. When we finally do, it’s like nothing has changed. I’ll always know her, no matter how much time passes. And she’ll always know me, too.

Emily and Josh are working in Ohio all month and can’t be here, but I got the sweetest note in the mail from them today. It gave me even more courage and I barely stopped myself from crying over the words Emily wrote. And Mallorie. She has my maiden name now, and I forget sometimes that we weren’t born into the same family. She’s been my cheerleader, saying the very things I need to hear to keep my chin up. To know that no matter what the doctor finds, there is a plan for me, that everything is going to be great. Tonight we had one last little dinner at our house and I got one more snuggle out of Lucy before I’m not allowed to do any lifting for a while.

And I can’t leave out Lisa. My support system branch in Indiana. She’s been through much tougher stuff than I can fathom, and she keeps showering me in love and warm advice. We talk almost daily because of this blog and her notes via snail mail can put sunshine into even the darkest days (like yesterday).

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging from a hotel room, awaiting surgery. Let’s do it!