#1,594 Good Boys.

Ben was working in the yard installing a new landscape lighting system all day. He was coming and going from the shop in the back yard to the front yard and when we left in a hurry to go to my parents for dinner at 5:30… Something terrible happened. We forgot. To close. The gate. It was standing wide open—a 1 foot gap. Worst of all—we realized long after we pulled into the carport. We were talking in the driveway about the lights… When I noticed it.

And my heart sank. I felt the panic overtaking me before I could get to the gate to find (surely) an empty yard. In the blink of an eye I both wondered who you can call this time of night for your 2 enormous lost dogs and I saw my poor puppies lying in the street somewhere far away—killed in a hit and run. I was terrified. And this is what I found.

They were right at the door, listening to us talking in the driveway, and that still didn’t tempt them to run to us. They say that Great Pyrenees have a bad tendency to jump fences, wander off and run away but ours never have. I guess they know where their bread is buttered.

Now we’re off to get them some cheeseburgers for dinner. These are good good boys.