#1,595 The Lights.

He didn’t quite finish setting them up yesterday, but after a few wire snips and connections… We have new landscape lights that should be 100% maintenance free forevermore. They have these warm white LED bulbs with a lifetime guarantee, which beats the heck out of buying 4 of those $10 floodlight bulbs once a month since that’s how often they burned out. It was a pain (it looked like it anyway) to install them, but I think they’ll be worth it.

Also, we laughed till we peed watching this tonight:

Do you love Jim Gaffigan? You never have to worry about if he’s going to surprise you with something nasty while you’re listening with your mom. If you don’t know him, you can thank me later:

Say a little prayer that Mal and Jim will have traveling mercies. They’re taking a big trip to Italy and Greece for his work with some very long flights that make me anxious just thinking about it. What with the Malaysian plane and all. Gonna be a hard time for them. Currency exchanges and figuring out the cell phone situation…

Okay, I’m jealous. So?!