#1,611 Skit Night + Amateur Photographer.

For the last several weeks we’ve been working hard with the youth on our skit for the annual campfire skit night at church. Keeping with our SNL theme, they said they wanted to do Family Feud… Except as people from church. Making it FirstFamily Feud. They picked some of our church’s most beloved characters to be contestants, and I was over on the side stage running the sound effects. So I didn’t get one single picture of the performance. Heartbreaking! But there was a rehearsal picture:

And some after pictures:

And some pictures of Ben and Dr. Weber playing with wigs.

In other news, pictures of our house are going to be popping up over on the Southern Weddings blog before long, and I realized a couple of rooms have changed significantly since the last time good photos were taken of it. So I compared to the originals from Flea Market Style, and did my best to recreate them. I’m pretty proud of how they turned out! In one instance I was able to take a new photo today and blend it with the old photo so it’s up-to-date. Can you spot the 3 differences?

Two are pretty obvious, one not so much. If you can tell me the significance of the littler difference, I’ll give you five dollars and a bowl of chili.