#1,612 Last Minute Dinner.

I sort of took the day off from Lucky Luxe to focus on cooking some meals for one neighborhood family who lost their father this week, and Jane, who had a baby in March. Mal came rolling in to help me as soon as she was off work and we ended up skidding into our friends’ houses with hot food about 20 minutes later than we planned to. I hate being late! But I did enjoy hanging around the kitchen making massive quantities of chicken pot pie filling and Emily’s mama’s homemade lemon garlic vinaigrette. I can’t get enough of this SUPER strong, tart, salty dressing.

She might kill me for sharing but it’s too delicious not to. 
Note: I ran out of her mom’s lemon infused olive oil, so I just used regular olive oil (for both the oils it calls for) and squeezed fresh lemon juice into it. Just as good.
Once we were done running meals to houses, we fell into our chairs and ate like starved dogs. Then I realized I’m lacking a porch photo for this guest blog post I’ve been working on all week. And so I called Josh and Em to come over and help out by eating dinner so I could take pictures of us doing our supper routine. I’ve never bothered to try to get a really good picture. Don’t we look totally natural? “AHAHAHAHA YES WE ARE HAPPY AND NATURAL PEOPLE!”