#1,616 Visitors + Step 2.

We woke up bright and early when our contractors arrived at 7 am, and not long after we were walking the neighborhood giving Amanada and Garrett the historic district walking tour. We were so sad that the art museum is closed on Mondays, but figured this would be a fun little something for them.

She’s working on a ginormous blog post about their honeymoon so she was snapping pictures along the way. Soul sisters!

Afterward we stopped by Lucky Luxe, had lunch at Cafe La Fleur, a quick look-see around the Rusty Chandelier even though the market closed yesterday, milkshakes at Phillips Drive In, a drive over to Homewood to see Josh and Emily’s new house estate, and when we were pulling into the driveway we just happened to bump into our friend, George, the director of the art museum. He was more than happy to open the museum for our visitors and personally gave us the tour of every gallery. I’ve never even gotten the tour from George and it was such a treat. I hated to say goodbye!

Tonight they’re having a big time in New Orleans and I’m hoping they have the time of their lives on this big trip.

In shop news… We have WALLS! Sorta!

I’m shaking all over excited and can’t believe how quickly they did this! Now help me out here, y’all. I need your input. Do we go with a barn light over the shop doors:

Or craftsman wall lanterns on each side of the doors?

We’re leaning toward craftsman lights to match the front porch of our house… But I’m just not SURE.