#1,617 Illustrating.

I’ve never considered myself to be much of an illustrator. I always feel like I should make a disclaimer about that as well as the fact that I am not crafty—it seems like I should be, but no. I don’t do much with my hands. But a lot of people have complimented the quirky and grossly inaccurate watercolor I made of our house that hangs in our dining room and when I was at mama’s house the other day I had an idea. A friend of hers had sent a thank you note that had a realistic charcoal drawing of her house and their address on the front of the card. They live in a beautiful mediterranean on 6th Avenue. And I thought “Hey! I’d like some notecards with our house and address on em. I could do that with that janky watercolor I did way back.” And now… I think I’m going to offer off-kilter house portraits in our shop in a few days! My mama is my first guinea pig, so I started an illustration of the house I grew up in tonight.

It’s not quite finished and the windows need some filling in, but I really did enjoy using my hands. And the art degree my parents paid dearly for.
The blog has a new look. What do you think? Woo! Summer!