#1,628 Puny Saturday.

Well y’all, I’m feeling sorta puny today. I started getting this swimmy-headed dizzy feeling yesterday like my balance was off… And I realized I’m not able to hear so great, either. So I’ve apparently got some sort of inner ear thing going on that’ll be resolved on Monday.

But the upside to my dizzy Saturday is that I spent the morning on Jim and Mal’s new in-progress wraparound porch on their city farmhouse. It felt like I was on top of a hill in the countryside with their expansive views of Gardiner Park. A peewee football team was practicing on the field while we listened to Charlie Mars and watched Jim set up his new ice cream maker.

And then we headed to the annual Napier family reunion. It’s always the first Saturday and Sunday in June, which means more good food tomorrow after church.

Ben’s daddy, grandfather, and uncle all look sorta like twins in this picture, don’t they?