#1,633 Thursdays are Back.

I wish every one of you who don’t live in Laurel could visit me on a Thursday in the summer.

Our town feels like a movie set every Thursday for these next 2 sweltering months every year. Farmer’s market kicked off with a huge crowd and vendor sell outs within the first hour.

And after a concert in Pinehurst Park, once the crickets were chirping and the sun went down—everyone in the town was there with their bag chairs and blankets to see Frozen. Y’all. I just had no idea people loved it THAT much. Look at our little downtown! This is what momentum looks like.

Today was Anne and Josh’s 4 year anniversary and Martha Stewart Weddings gave us a shout out on their instagram. Made my morning, for sure. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since Anne and I became friends.